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Hamburgisches Welt-Wirtschafts-Archiv (HWWA)

B111  Japan   Wikidata Wikipedia

Persistent Identifier: https://pm20.zbw.eu/category/geo/i/141272

Subject archives   Commodities/wares archives

Subject archives folders

In total 731 folders, 36041 documents - folders complete until 1949.

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The country and its people, politics and economy

Country studies

Population and population policies

Health situation

History, politics

Foreign policy and political relations with foreign countries



Science and education


Public finance


Foreigners and individual minorities

Settling and migration

Individual questions of political or economic nature

Sections of digitized microfilms (2nd filming 1950-1960)

For intellectual property law reasons accessible only from ZBW reading room.

Total number of images: 11506

Images on film h2/sh/S2664H/0589 Japan
Images on film h2/sh/S2665H Filmanfang: Japan : Geschichtliche Vorgänge [B111 f2]
Images on film h2/sh/S2666H Filmanfang: Japan : Außenpolitik und politische Beziehungen zum Ausland, Allgemein Sm [B111 g Sm]
Images on film h2/sh/S2667H Filmanfang: Japan : Handelspolitik, Auswärtige Wirtschaftspolitik, Allgemein [B111 g4]
Images on film h2/sh/S2668H Filmanfang: Japan : Wirtschaftspolitische Beziehungen zu einzelnen Ländern Sm [B111 g4a Sm]
Images on film h2/sh/S2669H Filmanfang: Japan : l1-m1 Sm4 [B111 l1-m1 Sm4]
Images on film h2/sh/S2670H Filmanfang: Japan : Wirtschaftspolitik [B111 n1]
Images on film h2/sh/S2671H Filmanfang: Japan : Berichte über die wirtschaftliche Lage Sm [B111 n2 Sm]
Images on film h2/sh/S2672H Filmanfang: Japan : Textilindustrie [B111 n13a Sm3]
Images on film h2/sh/S2673H Filmanfang: Japan : Arbeitnehmerverhältnisse in einzelnen Berufen Sm [B111 n15a Sm]
Images on film h2/sh/S2674H Filmanfang: Japan : Seeschiffahrt [B111 n32]

Commodities/wares archives folders

In total 41 folders (until 1949), 2210 documents - folders incomplete. For material not published as folders, please check the digitized micro-films of the 1st filming and 2nd filming (in German).

For direct access to the documents, click the “(xy documents)” link, for folder information use the “(folder)” link.