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In this economic-historical online archive, authentic historical sources from the beginning of the 20th century until currently circa 1949 are made available to you via the web.

The editorial team has taken great pains to identify the authors of the historical material considered for online publication. Insofar as authors could be identified and their deaths occurred less than seventy years ago, access to individual documents is blocked until the copyright protection period expires. We ask for your understanding in this matter.

This service and the digitization that precedes it are funded by the DFG and the Leibniz Association. It is a purely scientific project. There is no commercial exploitation on the part of the ZBW, i.e. access to the individual documents is free of charge.

The data offered are generally uncommented and have not yet been catalogued by archivists. We do not guarantee that the information contained therein is factually correct.

Older texts, especially from the Nazi period, may contain fascist, racist or sexist tendencies. The ZBW as a scientific service institution documents these texts in the context of the collection, but distances itself from such content. Recognizably illegal texts, images, links, etc. have not been included.

Editors or authors who wish to claim the non-expiry of copyright periods or other obstacles, which bar these documents or links from being put online, are expressly encouraged to contact the ZBW by whatever means, but most easily via the following e-mail address: pressemappe20@zbw-online.eu

The digitized microfilms (up to 1949) are published in the legal area of the European Union with reference to §61d UrhG (use of out-of-commerce works by cultural heritage institutions) in conjunction with §1,2 NvWV (German complementary regulation for the use of out-of-commerce works). The archival units published here (digitized microfilms) are listed in the EUIPO portal of the EU. Rights holders of individual works can object to publication there or at the above e-mail address. In doing so, we kindly ask for the exact specification of the respective work (via web address/URL) for which the copyright is claimed.

Any use of the offered documents or parts thereof is the responsibility of the users. They are responsible for compliance with copyright or other provisions of the legal system applicable to them.

Any brands (trademarks), work titles, company designations, designations of origin, registered designs, patents or utility models are mentioned without any special reference to such rights. Therefore, the absence of such a reference does not imply that the designation in question is free of such or similar rights. This applies in particular to historical designations, which may continue to exist even though their historical owner has since ceased to exist.

This service uses GeoLite2 Data created by MaxMind, available from https://www.maxmind.com/.

Translation based on www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)