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Metadata structures for documents

Should apply to newspaper articles, annual reports and other types of documents!


The file meta.yaml is located in the document directory within the folder tree.

Sources of document metadata:

TODO how to keep track of the sources?


TODO structure for multiple authors?

Field name Description
date publication date of the document
title title of the document
author_id IFIS ID of an identified author
author_qid Wikidata QID of an identified author
author name - as given in the document - of an unidentified author
death_year death year of an identified author - used for IPR status computation!
death_src source for the death year (e.g., ‘wd’)
pub_id IFIS ID of an identified publication
pub_qid Wikidata QID of an identified publication
pub name - as given in the document - of an unidetified publication
pub_type identifier for the publication type (TODO source? mapping table?)
description description for the document
comment note for internal use

TODO how to handle derived information (such as author_name derived from ID)

Special cases

Author is folder subject person (in the persons archive)

Create a file named folder_person_meta.yaml with fields author_qid, death_year, and death_src, and create meta.yaml symlinks to it in the document directories.

If additional, document-specific fields are required, copy and edit the original file.