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Hamburgisches Welt-Wirtschafts-Archiv (HWWA)


Persistent Identifier: https://pm20.zbw.eu/category/ware/i/142846

Commodities/wares archives folders

No material prepared as folder.

Sections of digitized microfilms (1st filming 1908-1949)

For intellectual property law reasons accessible only from the European Union legal area and from the ZBW reading room.

Total number of images: 11838

Images on film h1/wa/W0148H/0056 Getreide
Images on film h1/wa/W0149H/0002 Getreide : Welt
Images on film h1/wa/W0150H/0002 Getreide : Deutschland
Images on film h1/wa/W0151H/0002 Getreide : Polen
Images on film h1/wa/W0152H/0002 Getreide : Schweiz
Images on film h1/wa/W0153H/0002 Getreide : Österreich
Images on film h1/wa/W0154H/0002 Getreide : Rumänien
Images on film h1/wa/W0155H/0002 Getreide : Lettland
Images on film h1/wa/W0156H/0002 Getreide : Kanada
Images on film h1/wa/W0157H/0002 Getreide : Argentinien